We have a wide range of audio recordings of local people being interviewed about their lives, careers and experiences relating to their lives in Bampton over the last 100 years (yes, that long!).

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Tape no. Interviewee Topic
A1 Francis Shergold Morris, church bells and garlands (tape chewed up)
A2 Edie Foreshew Childhood in Bampton
A3 Nellie Newman (nee Beckinsale) Maid at Weald Manor
A4 Alice Puttock Childhood and the War
A5 Ruth Wheeler (nee Shergold) Childhood
A6 Ralph Hurn Farming in Weald in the 1940s
A7 Doug Read Origins of the Shirt Race
A8 Ruth Wheeler and Edie Quick Origins of the Shirt Race
A9 Freda Bradley & Don Rouse Childhood in Bampton
A10 Mary Farmer Her life as a teacher in Bampton
A11 Grace Eeles The shop, the family and the war
A12 Mary Shergold Life as a cook at Bampton Manor
A13 Kitty Jackson My Life in Bampton
A14 Francis Shergold Recorded 1970, Life and Morris
A15 Frank Pursloe Morris Dancing
A16 Frank Pursloe Morris Dancing
A17 Robert Colvile Childhood and WW2
A17a Robert Colvile Childhood and WW2
A18 Joyce Cotter nee Chambers Being an evacuee in Bampton
A19 PC Steve Patrick Policing Bampton
A20 Grace Glanvile Working at Weald Manor
A21 Edie Quick and Ruth Wheeler Evacuees and WW2
A22 Edie Quick,Ruth and Cyril Wheeler Evacuees and WW2
A23 Ted Dixey Talking about everything!
A24 Ruth wheeler Interviewing Francis Shergold on his work at Weald Manor
A25 Albert Chambers Being an evacuee in Bampton
A26 Hilda Kent Land Army in WW2
A27 Arthur Beckley Life in the Navy in WW2
A28 Graham Taylor Wellington bomber crash 1945
A29 Roy Shergold Agriculture memories
A30 Pat Ashbury Nursing in World War 2
A31 Freda Bradley Bampton the way it was (BEWG talk)
A32 Keith Chandler Morris Tunes
A33 Francis Shergold Life in the army in World War 2
A34 Chris Timms Life on a minesweeper in World War 2
A35 Roy Shergold Navy in WW2 Bampton’s Home Guard
A36 Doug Read Agriculture in Bampton
A37 Don Rouse With Roy Barratt talking about the Mummers
A38 Stan Smith With the Ox and Bucks in World War 2
A39 Ethel White Aged 90 something, talking about life in Sandford Cottage
A40 Molly Rose WW2 Air transport auxiliary ferry pilot
A41 Kate Wylie WW2 Land army and Aircraft factory
A42 Albert Radband History of Bampton Football Club
A43 Constance Irene de Hamel BBC announcer in London Blitz
A44 Graham Taylor A schoolboy's War – Memories of WW2
A45 Bill Drinkwater Experiences in WW2
- Shadrach 'Shepherd' Hayden Folk singer
- Margaret Smith (nee Welch) The National School in Church View (1960-63)
- Arnold Woodley A Radio Oxford interview in about 1970