Publications and Exhibition Catalogues

The following books, publications and exhibition catalogues are available from the shop in the Robert Vesey Room. Alternatively, get in touch with us about other ways of obtaining copies.

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Title Author
The Naming of Bampton I Jane Wallis & Janet Rouse
The Naming of Bampton II Jane Wallis & Janet Rouse
Bampton Architecture I Gilly Marsh and Michael Cooper
Bampton Architecture II Gilly Marsh and Michael Cooper
SPAJERS Don Rouse, Frank Hudson and Helen Grimwade
Thirty Years of the Bush Club Anna Pitt
Dug up in Bampton 1 – 4000 years of History Jo Lewington
Dug up in Bampton 2 – Coins Jo Lewington
Dug up in Bampton 3 – The Fossils of Bampton Jo Lewington
A Village Herbal Danny Hignett and Sally Proctor
Lost Airfields Mark McArthur-Christie
The Poor Law in Bampton Miriam James
Inclosure of the Open Fields of Bampton Miriam James
The Restoration of Lord Nelson Jo Lewington
The Market Square Before and After 2000 Adrian Symonds
Downton Abbey in Bampton – Book 1 Tony Page
Downton Abbey in Bampton – Book 2 Tony Page
Downton Abbey in Bampton – Book 3 Jenny Chaundy
Bampton Town – its Castle and the Earl of Pembroke Tony Page
A History of Morris Dancing in Bampton Janet Rouse
The Story of Trade in Bampton Janet Rouse
Army Communications in Bampton Ray Evans
A Boyhood in Bampton Philip Addison
We Will Remember Them Tony Page
Farming in Bampton and Weald Janet Rouse
Archery in Bampton Gerald Mills and John Hill
Bampton Skies and Landscapes Wendy Nicholls and Sarianne Durie
Flint Visits Grandma's House Jo Lewington
Miss Daisy Jo Lewington
Miss Daisy – My Life and Work Jo Lewington
Goodbye Miss Daisy Jo Lewington
Bampton: Recapturing the Castle Matthew Rice
Witney's Forgotten Airfield Peter Davis
Schools in Bampton Miriam James
A Snapshot of Bampton Nik Stanbridge
The Tanning Industry in Bampton Miriam James & Jo Lewington
A Pictorial History of Bampton's Fire Brigade Tom Papworth
Bampton's History Through Its Houses Nicola Priestly
The Wilkinson Brothers Miriam James
Unseen Bampton Jane Wallis
Bampton Families Janet Newman
The Bampton We have Lost J L Hughes-Owens