Building Works to the Old Grammar School

May 2021

Work commenced on site on the 18th May to remove materials containing asbestos, for the safety of the contractors initially, and then for staff and visitors when it re-opens.

Strip out and demolition started the following week, which mainly consisted of removing the ceiling and stonework in the lobby area, taking out the old library kitchen and WC and demolishing their walls. This is to form a larger entrance lobby serving both the library and Vesey Room and to make room for a new staircase to the first floor. A doorway was also cut through to provide a new entrance for the library. The gas heaters and pipes were also removed from the library.

This was followed by installing a steel beam on new brickwork piers to support a roof truss and the future stair landing. At the same time the old library doorway was blocked up.

June 2021

3rd June 2021. Partial demolition of ceiling and wall to entrance lobby.
9th June 2021. Forming new doorway and corridor to Vesey Room through the old library kitchen.
24th June 2021. Old and new entrances to library (taken from within the library).
25th June 2021. New steel beam above entrance lobby, to support roof truss and first floor landing.

July 2021

On the 5th July work started on removing the floorboards at first floor level. This was followed by treating the floor joists to prevent rot and insect infestation. The next stage was to fit chicken wire between the joists to keep the sound insulation off the ceiling below and then the insulation was installed. In the meantime new electric cables had been installed in the ceiling void for lighting and power and also alarm cables. The floor was then re-laid.

This enabled grit blasting to be carried out to the roof trusses to remove old paint and to allow these to be treated to prevent rot and insect infestation, which has now been completed.

Fabrication of the stairs has been carried out in the factory, ready for delivery, which will be after works to the ceiling, floor and walls have been done in the lobby area.

The drainage for the disabled WC, kitchen and library toilet has been installed and the area prepared for a new concrete floor.

Timber studwork at the first floor has commenced and also roof insulation. Electrical socket boxes have been fitted. 

9th July 2021. Old floor boards being removed to install sound insulation.
28th July 2021. Insulation fitted. The floor joists were first treated against rot and insects.

August 2021

5th August 2021. Roof trusses have been grit blasted to remove old paint, ready for treatment.
20th August 2021. Beam raised to provide headroom for entrance to first floor above stairs.
20th August 2021. Perimeter upstand at first floor to provide for skirting and electric sockets.