We have a wide range of video recordings of local people talking about their lives, careers and experiences. Click the title to see the video on YouTube.
Title Recorded
Brigadier Rupert Crowdy OBE recalls his army career August 2013
Bampton Archery Club – a foundation course 2009
Adrian Simmonds running his shop in the Market Square 2007 xx
Adrian Simmons in retirement 2010 xx
Tom & Sylvia Papworth’s Paper Shop 2010 xx
Molly Rose OBE Her work in the ATA WWII 2008 xx
Chancel roof repair of St Mary’s 2010 xx
Donkey Derby 2007 xx
Diana Roberts – A life in India 2007 xx
Remembrance Sunday at the war memorial 2009 xx
Stan Smith – his life in WWII 2008 xx
George Collins – A life in farming 2013 xx
Bampton Has Talent (2 discs) 2012 xx
History of St Mary The Virgin by David Lloyd – Vicar 2011 xx
Vera Elward recalls the past shops & businesses in Bampton 2007 xx
Ted Dixey talks about bell-ringing 2006 xx
Ruth Eley – her work in the Women’s Land Army 2011 xx
Tommy Gerring – his working life after demob 2011 xx
Tommy Gerring – his early years at Morris Oxford 2011 xx
Tommy Gerring – his work during WWII 2011 xx
Tommy Gerring recalls farming in Bampton from 1935 2011 xx
Terry & Don Rouse recall POWs on their farm 2013 xx
Allan Hall – his lifetime in farming 2011 xx
Roy Shergold – life in the navy in World War II 2011 xx
Roy Shergold – his working life after demob 2011 xx
Roy Shergold – early memories of farming in Bampton 2011 xx
Roy Shergold talks about being in Bampton’s Home Guard 2011 xx
Vera Elward talks about her life in Bampton 2007 xx
Jo Lewington – memories of POWs 2013 xx
Film of Visiting Morris sides and stills of the Shirt Race 2012 xx
Film of Bampton Morris dancing and stills of the flower festival 2012 xx
Robert Smith – a life in farming in New Zealand & the UK (2 discs) 2011 xx
Frank Hudson talks about Castle View farm 2011 xx
Sale of the Burrington Herd at Glebe Farm (last dairy farm in Bampton) 2011 xx
The Hat Shop by Marius Kynaston-Pearson – Luke Keegan – Tristan Ambrose 2011 xx
Ron Amos talks about Bampton Speedway – The Bampton Bullets 2013 xx
Ron Amos (and wife Edna) talks about his national service in Malaya & a reunion in 2004 with the aid of their photographs 2013 xx
Ron Amos – childhood memories of Bampton’s Home Guard 2013 xx
Ron Amos – Bampton in the 1950s – shirt race – scouts – flooding – electricity coming to Primrose Cottages 2013 xx
Ron Amos talks about his National Service in Malaya 2013 xx
Marjorie Inkster and her training & work in WWII (2 discs) xx xx
Douglas Read MBE explains High Cut ploughing 2007 xx
Ray Evans – life in the Royal Corps of Signals 2009 xx
Don Rouse – history of Bampton Weightlifting Club 2007 xx
Hidden Gardens (stills to music) 2009 xx
Ruth Wheeler – judging flower garlands and Easter bonnets 2007 xx
History of the Bush Club 2009 xx
Roy Henly – farming at Hobbs Buildings (2 discs) 2011 xx
Bampton Has Talent 2014 xx
The Remembrance Day service in the Market Square 2014 xx