These exhibitions have been held by the Archive over the years and the associated catalogues can be purchased.

Year Month Title Artist
2002 June / July The Great Bampton Shirt Race Jo Lewington
2002 October / November Bampton and Agriculture Jo Lewington
2003 February/ March Bampton Shops, Trades and Pubs Jo Lewington
2003 May / June Bampton and the Morris Dancing Tradition Jo Lewington
2003 September / October A Boyhood in Bampton by Phillip Addison Jo Lewington
2004 January / February Bampton and World War I Sarah Wearne
2004 May / June Morris and Mummers Roy Barrett
2004 September / October Bampton Gardens Annie Mellors
2005 January / February The Secrets of Bampton Signals Camp Corporal David Duncan
2005 May / June Bampton Families Janet Newman
2005 September / October Bampton at War 1939 – 1945 Sarah Wearne
2006 January / February A Year in St Mary's Churchyard Sally Proctor
2006 May / July Bampton's Fire Brigade Tom Papworth
2006 September / October The Church in the Community Suzy Robinson
2007 January / February Bampton Town Football Club Albert Radband
2007 May / June Anglo Saxon Bampton Prof. John Blair
2007 September / October The Bells of St. Mary’s Janet Rouse
2008 February / March Bampton Architecture I Gilbert Marsh
2008 May / June Showing DVDs n/a
2008 September / October Why Bampton Didn't Become Cowley Graham Newman
2009 February / March Bampton Architecture II Gilbert Marsh
2009 May / June From Castle St. to Queen St. – The Naming of Bampton Jane Wallis & Janet Rouse
2009 September / October Dug up in Bampton I Jo Lewington
2010 February / March The Story Behind the Naming of Bampton Jane Wallis & Janet Rouse
2010 May / June Archery in Bampton Gerald Mills & John Hill
2010 September / October Dug up in Bampton II – The Coins Jo Lewingon
2011 February / March Bampton Skies and Landscapes Wendy Nicholls and Sarianne Durie
2011 May / June Pillbox Images from Bampton and Beyond Nik Stanbridge, Simon Rae and David Inshaw
2011 September / October SPAJERS Don Rouse, Janet Rouse and Helen Grimwade
2012 February / March Dug up in Bampton III – The Fossils Jo Lewington & Sarianne Durie
2012 May / June Farming in Bampton and Weald Janet Rouse & Don Rouse
2012 September / October Lost Airfields Mark McArthur-Christie
2013 February / March Bampton's Market Square Before and After 2000 Adrian Symonds
2013 May / June The Story of Trade in Bampton Janet Rouse
2013 September / October Inclosure of the Open Fields of Bampton Miriam James
2014 February / March Steam Engines – The Restoration of Lord Nelson and the Work of Tim and David Tomlins Jo Lewington
2014 May / June A History of Morris Dancing in Bampton Janet Rouse
2014 September / October We Will Remember Them – A Record of the Men of Bampton Who Died in Wars 1914 – 2014 Tony Page
2015 January / February The Poor Law in Bampton Miriam James
2015 May / June Witney's Forgotten Airfield Peter Davis
2015 September / October Bampton: Recapturing the Castle Matthew Rice
2016 January / February Thirty Years of the Bampton Bush Club Anna Pitt
2016 May / June The History of Schools in Bampton Miriam James
2016 September / October A Snapshot of Bampton Nik Stanbridge
2017 January / February The Tanning Industry in Bampton Miriam James & Jo Lewington
2017 May / June A Pictorial History of Bampton's Fire Brigade Tom Papworth
2017 September / October Bampton's History Through Its Houses Nicola Priestly
2018 January / February The Wilkinson Brothers Miriam James
2018 May / June Unseen Bampton Jane Wallis
2018 September / October Bampton Families Janet Newman
2019 January / February Cricket in Bampton Anna Pitt
2019 May / June Filming of Downton Abbey in Bampton 2010-2018 Jenny Chaundy
2019 September / October The Entrepreneurial Mr Onesiphorus Oliver Collett of Bampton Graham Newman