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History of Bampton Football Club

Albert Radband and Mick Cleaver tell the history of football in Bampton in Oxfordshire since the start of the C20th. Plenty of old photographs to be seen. 

Bampton in Oxfordshire. 'Three Little Tales' after Dug Up In Bampton
People dig up all sorts of interesting items in their gardens and these are three, short tales each based on an item dug up in Bampton. The stories are written and acted by Oscar and Jessica Smart, Helene Grygar, Tony and Lis Page, Lord Donoughmore, Naeoma Fisher, and her friend Izzie.
Dug Up In Bampton
It is not uncommon to dig up interesting items when gardening and as part of a school project, a group of 19 Junior school pupils were shown a group of items and asked to choose one and then create a story about it. Here, the children each read their own story.
The Bampton Mummers, Christmas Eve 1999
The Bampton Mummers go around many houses on Christmas Eve, by invitation and then they perform in the pubs. This film was made in 1999.
Donkey Derby, 1998
The SPAJERS (Society for The Preservation of Ancient Junketing) hold a Donkey Derby on August Bank Holiday Monday each year as part of their fund raising to help the senior citizens of Bampton and Lew. This film was made in 1998.
Francis Shergold singing "Needlecases" in 1987
Francis Shergold was squire of the Bampton Traditional Morris Men for over 50 years. He also sang a few folk songs and here he was recorded singing “Needlecases” in 1987.